Possible Apple iPhone 11 launches in this date

Apple launched iOS thirteen  beta model seven on registered developers today. However, developers get enormous clues while the subsequent iPhone will likely be launched.
The developers got the newest iOS screenshots on September 10th. The title of the screenshot received by way of means of the developer is "HoldForRealease", as quoted by way of means of GSMArena , Friday (08/16/2019).

Previously, President of SoftBank Mobile, Ken Miyauchi who referred to as the iPhone will likely be bought final ten days in September . Ken Miyauchi accidentally conveyed the launch date of the iPhone 11 within the SoftBank quarterly performance announcement event.

When referring to news conveyed by way of means of Ken Miyauchi, the iPhone 11 might be bought on September 20, 2019. But it's now not sure which nation can get this brand-new iPhone first.

Possible Apple iPhone 11 launches in this datePhoto: iPhone 11 (Twitter @theapplehub doc)

Miyauchi Ken accidentally acknowledged the launch date of the iPhone 11 while he got a journalist query about Japan's new telecommunications law that will take impact on October 1, 2019.

The newest regulation will require operators in Japan to split guide fees from tool fees in consumer contracts, Miyauchi acknowledged that he now not sure about how SoftBank will deal with the iPhone launch, on the grounds that the launch was precisely 10 days earlier than the brand new law officially got here into effect.

After figuring out that he accidentally leaked the launch of the iPhone 11, he fast tried to disguise up by way of means of saying "no one is aware of while the brand new iPhone will likely be launched."

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